Charles Philibert-Thiboutot

800m//1500m//5000m//XC Université Laval, Québec

Le camp des recrues @rbc s’en vient à Québec au PEPS de l’Université Laval le dimanche 9 février! Vous croyez avoir ce qu’il faut pour vous démarquer dans un sport olympique? Le camp des recrues est là pour tester les jeunes talents, les diamants non polis 💎, à la recherche des prochains espoirs olympiques canadiens. As-tu ce qu’il faut pour gagner la bourse et te lancer dans le sport de haut niveau? #campdesrecruesrbc #RBCtrainingground #OlympienRBC #RBColympian

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Propulsé par Medalist

✅ First race in 13 months ✅ 3rd place in 13:30.79 in the 5000 at the BU season opener ✅ 🇲🇶 Quebec indoor record by 26 seconds ✅ 🇨🇦 4th all-time indoors in Canada . . . . . Yesterday was a big mix of emotions for me, from the hours pre race, to the run itself, to the aftermath. Regardless of the outcome, the biggest feeling might have been relief, just to be able to line up again, compete, and break the ice with racing sensations I used to embrace so much. Confidence took it’s toll after not running for 6 months, and coming back from days I thought I was done with it was not easy. I’m thankful to be back, but now I’m knocking on wood because this can only be the beginning for the goals that lie ahead. Quick shout out to my wife, parents, friends and physio @ who dealt with me and helped me navigate a darker period. #asics #teamasics #sportium #polar #RBColympians #athleticscanada #athletisme #maurten

Getting married.... expectations (1 to 4) ➡️ reality (5 to 8). . . . . Wish I could post a lot more, but extremely thankful to receive these wonderful photos from @gabrielledesmarchais today and get to re-live @beadstpierre and I’s best day. #BDSxCPT

Getting real high on Friday nights....🏃🏼‍♂️💨🥴😴