Charles Philibert-Thiboutot

800m//1500m//5000m//XC Université Laval, Québec

When I originally started wearing contact lenses, my eyes would reject them. I thought I couldn’t wear lenses because of comfort issues. I didn’t want my active lifestyle to slow down because of issues with my vision and contact lenses. Today, I wear Precision1® contact lenses and they are among one of the daily tools I can’t live without. They’re essential in my athletic career, and I wear them from the moment I’m up until I go to sleep. They’re a lens that you can start and stay in because they’re easy to use and wear, dependable, and good for those like me who want to embrace the freedom of life without glasses! I want to thank @alconcanada for helping me find the right lens that allows me to train, compete, and live my life. If you’re interested in learning more, talk to your eye care professional to #SEEWHATHAPPENS when you find the right contact lens. #PRECISION1 #sponsored

Kidz on 🎞.

Today’s agenda 🗓: . AM ➡️ speedwork on the track 😎 . PM ➡️ « Dynamic mobility and stretching » 🙃

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Ce fut un réel plaisir de chasser le record québécois du 5km sur route à la maison, dans les rues de @ulaval ! Un objectif ambitieux que j’ai malheureusement raté en courant 14:08, mais qui est un bon test dans cette phase de retour à la forme. Avec @queendesgagnez qui était seulement à 3 secondes du record avec son 13:58, c’est de dire que ce n’est que partie remise pour nous deux! Merci à @rbc @rougeetor @athletismeqc d’avoir pu rendre le défi possible. . . . Photos par Louis Charland/ Le Soleil. #RBCOlympians #OlympienRBC #Asics #Teamasics #PremierTech #5km

MASK 🔛!! . . Specifically engineered for sport at the @asics Institute of Sports Science in Kobe, Japan, the @asicscanada running mask is here for you to protect yourself and others. It is designed with maximum breathability and comfort to make sure you can wear it running, lifting weights, walking, or doing any other activity where you might feel it is needed. Available worldwide this September. . . . Je voudrais également remercier @oncourtmtl pour m’avoir invité hier à leur course à titre de président d’honneur! Une très belle organisation qui a su innover pour nous offrir une course très sécuritaire! #RunToFeel

Sipping champagne when thirsty is big 2020 mood

Bucket list item today: the infamous GROUSE GRIND! 🏔 Now I can confirm that the fastest you can run 800, 1500, 5000 or 10 000 meters on a track will NEVER EVER and not even be remotely CLOSE to the hurt of the grind!! 1.9km climb with 800m elevation! A nice 30 minute first class ride in the pain train! 🚂🥴😵 Throat still tastes like blood...