Charles Philibert-Thiboutot

800m//1500m//5000m//XC Université Laval, Québec

2 heures avant le grand moment. C’est une chance pour moi de redonner à mes garçons d’honneur, des amis de longue date et fidèles que je suis si chanceux d’avoir. Merci @asicscanada de rendre ce moment si spécial. #BDSxCPT

REAL TALK 🗣 : it is scary to see some of my competitors at #worldathleticchamps in the 1500m last week not make it onto the semis with a 3:37, and some others not making it onto the final with a 3:36. Even scarier to see the depth of the fastest ever final in WC history. . . . . . It feels scary because I’ve been putting some miles in the last few weeks, and today I did some sloppy strides that don’t feel natural, (although) the first in 7 months. Some days like these I couldn’t feel further from my former self; a self that I still aspire to better someday. No sign of progress is taken for granted, and I will surely use inspiration from @athleticscanada 🇨🇦 teammates like @moh_speed23 and @gabrielastafford that have been killin’ it at worlds, and from others like @camlevins or @melissacorinneb to make me believe that a comeback is always possible. #teamcanada #believe

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Propulsé par Medalist

📈 I am now back running, albeit at very slow pace and limited distance, and nothing can be left for granted in a comeback after such a major injury. Thankfully the @asicscanada #metaride has been key in my comeback as it helps bear some weight off my midfoot to propel me forward. As things progress I will definitely use it for my long runs, to help me maintain good form past the hour mark. ___ While « live fast, die young » or YOLO are some pretty cool sayings to live by, truth is life is more like a long run. Goals cannot be set and achieved with shortcuts. A comeback will take time. Olympic berth takes time. Life is a long run. I intend to win my long run. #winthelongrun #asics